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Professional subcontract reverse engineering services

Throughout history, how many engineering innovations have been a result of modifying, improving and re-designing existing products or components? Engineers have taken inspiration from either their own industry or something entirely unrelated, and used their knowledge and skill to understand, improve or re-design components for greater performance.

Whether for global manufacturers or specialist organisations, AB Technology’s high-precision measurement expertise combined with our advanced 3D scanning equipment, enables us to carry out even the most complex of reverse engineering projects, irrespective of industry sector. Over the years, we have reverse engineered parts and components of every size and shape from small hydrodynamic bearings to full turbocharger systems and critical aircraft door seals.

reverse engineer inspect inspection turbocharger impeller cad model

Our engineers have years of experience, knowledge and skill at gathering all of the required data needed to create a functional 3D CAD model. While most component information can be gathered using a 3D scanner, depending on its configuration we also use other advanced pieces of metrology equipment to access areas that the scanner can’t reach.

From capturing 3D measurement though to achieving 3D design intent CAD models, our service can be tailored to your exact needs. We will digitalise your component using non-contact 3D scanning techniques, and from this we will create a mesh and nominal CAD model with colour maps for comparison to the actual component and detailed drawings for your specific requirements.


turbine wheel ready for 3D non-contract scanning using GOM inspection for reverse engineering.


GOM colour map result of 3D non-contact scanning inspection on turbine wheel.


3D cad model produced by reverse engineering the non-contract GOM inspection data.

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